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Enrich your end user experience with streaming technologies

Why Streaming

Streaming media technology provides several advantages over progressive download which include but are not limted to:

Live Broadcast
Streaming is the only way to broadcast live content.

Enhanced Content Security
Streaming is inherently more secure than progressive download since it allows only a small amount of the video in memory at any given time. The video file is not stored on the viewer's computer. The video data is played and then discarded by the media player, so you maintain more control over your content. Streaming content security methodologies provide additional security contexts (anti-rip, hotlinking prevention etc..).

Bandwidth Savings
With streaming the end user consumes exactly the amount of bandwith needed for each viewing session. That means that if a video is 15 mins long and the user wishes to watch just the 10 mins, instead of downloading a whole video, the server sends only the exacts parts needed. The amount of savings can vary widely depending upon abandonment habits, seek habits, replay, content duration, etc...

Viewer Experience
Seek experience, scrubbing on longer video is greatly enhanced. You can skip ahead in a video, or begin playback at a point somewhere in the middle. Additional user experience controls are also available (fast forward, slow motion, reverse playback, live queing etc..). Furthermore it enables interactive applications like video search and personalized playlists.

Value Added Services
Business models such as pay per view, in-line and/or on-demand advertisment, non linear, interactive video ads are better implemented with streaming.

Advanced Logging and Monitoring
It lets you monitor exactly what people are watching and for how long they are watching it.

Interactive applications
Interactive applications like LiveVideo, Chat, Recording all require streaming.